• Survivors is a non-political, non-religious, and not-for-profit organisation.
  • Survivors is founded on the principle of assisting those who are in need without distinction of race, ethnicity, gender, age, ability or social status.
  • Survivors provides well founded, appropriate programs that are solution oriented, cost- effective and sustainable.
  • Survivors will make every effort to follow through all assistance to the end user.
  • Survivors operates with a community ownership model, where every assistance it provides is owned by the community.
  • Survivors will balance the publicity between donor recognition and community rights. It will not engage in any photo-shoot, video, or social media engagement that is deemed as victimizing the communities.
  • Survivors is an open organisation, honest, transparent and accountable, undertaking all transactions with integrity.
  • Survivors will not align itself to any organisation, group or individual that engages in anything that it deems offensive to the community or the country.
  • Survivors is committed to respecting, protecting and promoting internationally recognised human rights including civil and political, economic, social and cultural rights and with particular emphasis on gender equality, the protection of children, people with a disability and the rights of minorities and vulnerable and marginalised groups.


  • Staff of Survivors Nepal will at all times treat all persons with respect and courtesy in accordance with applicable international and national conventions and standards of behavior.
  • Staff of Survivors Nepal will never commit any act which could result in physical, sexual or psychological harm to the people of the communities we serve.
  • No staff of Survivors Nepal will condone or participate in corrupt or illegal activities.
  • No staff member of Survivors Nepal will abuse his or her position in the delivery of programs, either through withholding assistance or services, or by giving preferential treatment.
  • It is expected that all staff of Survivors Nepal will uphold the highest ethical standards of integrity, accountability and transparency in the delivery of goods and services while executing the responsibilities of his/her position.
  • Staff of Survivors Nepal have the responsibility to report to management any known or suspected cases of alleged misconduct, illegal activity or child abuse. Strict confidentiality must be maintained.