Thokarpa roofing project

On the 18th of November 2018, we signed an additional agreement with Thokarpa Community Resource Library to work with Thokarpa-1 ward office and provide roofing incentive to additional 22 houses in Block no. 2 - Danda gaun Dalit basti. This is a continuation of our Community Access to Rehabilitation (CAR) project and brings our support to a total of 103 houses in the ward.

Under this support, each household receives a cash incentive of NRs. 12,000 to cover roofing expenses if they comply to:
1) earthquake resistance standards, 
2) comply to and receive all government provided cash incentive on-time, and 
3) comply to Thokarpa-1 ward’s requirement of colour-coded roofing for uniformity of households.

This cohort of houses is supported by Kathmandu Kora Cycling Challenge, a group of football loving friends and Survivors' project funds.

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