Construction of Thokarpa Madhyamik Vidhyalaya

Despite having a setback during the monsoon period, the project was carried out without being completely stopped and as a result of that, certain progress has been made till date. Despite being behind the earlier schedule, we have achieved a very important milestone of casting the first floor slab of Block A.

1. Casting of RCC columns 

After the casting Floor PCC, the work was halted for almost 20 days due to bad road condition, heavy monsoon rain and transportation problems. Immediately after the monsoon ended, the project started gathering pace again. The casting of Columns of Block A was completed with proper line and level. The Casting of Columns in Block B has also started and Rebar works are being carried out in the field.

2. Formwork for Slab and Beam 

After the casting Column was completed on Block A, formwork was started for slab and beams. Along with this, the form work for Staircase was also installed. It was installed with proper line and level in presence of the site engineer.

3. Rebar Works for Slab and Beam and Staircase on Block A

After the formwork the rebar work was started for the beam. With the proper placing the rebar for beam, the rebar work for Slab was also placed according to design and drawing. The rebar work for staircase was completed simultaneously. All the rebar work was done according to drawings and designs with proper line and level. 

4. Casting of RCC for Slab, Beam and Staircase on Block A.

            After all the rebar work was completed the RCC work for staircase was done first.                                                                  

            After the staircase casting the beam and slab RCC was casted in M20 ratio. All the 

            works were done according to the standards. The RCC work was done in proper line 

            and level according to Drawings and designs. The RCC Casting was completed on 

            November 04, 2018.        

• We had a set of target to complete the slab casting of at least Block A before Tihar. The workers and the site engineer remained at site during Dashain and made sure the works before slab casting was complete. Slab casting of Block A was eventually completed right before Tihar. 

• Due to the delay in the project construction as well as issues with regular availability of funds, stake holders have decided to build Block A first and then proceed with Block B. Revised work schedules and expenditure have been prepared according to the new plan. Proper measures are being taken to make the project cost effective without compromising the quality of the output. Certain adjustments and changes have been made in different subjects so that we our targets can be achieved more economically and efficiently. All the decisions are being made upon discussion and after finalizing with all the stake holders and other parties involved in the project.

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